Some of you already may know that this summer I’ve lost all my equipment (camera and lenses). I’m looking for different ways of recouping some money to buy again similar devices. I also want to take this accident as an opportunity to move forward with photography. I will start accepting social photography commissions again, planning new edition of my photography workshops in Madrid etc.. As part of these initiatives I will be giving a set of self-made Lightroom presets to all people that donate 2€ (via Paypal) to help me buying again my camera.

Review the presets by using the slider or pressing in different places over the photos. In fact there are some presets into each set. You will receive all of them.

This set is made to provide an interesting creamy effect on the photos. The presets in the set tend to warm a little bit too much so they work better on cold photos, or may need some adjustment on temperature. Specific presets to enhance car lights in “almost night” city shots, and some others to have a “not so radical” effect so it can be used with humans. :-) . Press here to see some photos edited using the presets in this set.


In this link you can see more images edited with this set of presets.


Very strong preset that may work perfect for landscape and urban shots. In some circumstances it may also work with portraits. In this case, probably some correction need to be applied to have nice skin.




In this link you can see more images edited with this set of presets. 



In this link you can see more images edited with this set of presets. 

Vintage look but keeping some impacting colors. Work better in cloudy days and has some random behaviour which is always fun.It is a nice tool to have a consistent vintage style. It work all right with landscapes. You can finish your edition by adding nicer noise and vintage style in some plugin like Exposure 7.


 In this link you can see more images edited with this set of presets.

What you need to do to have this presets?. It is easy:

- Donate 2€ via paypal (https://www.paypal.me/jmavedillo/2) include your email so I can send you the presets. If for any reason you cannot do it but you still want the presets, send me an email saying something.
- Let’s become friends in Facebook or follow me in Instagram (@jmavedillo)
- Share this opportunity with others (if you want)

Regarding the presets set, I’ve done it by reviewing all the presets I have and preparing the best of them to be as useful as possible. Let me say that I’m not a professional preset maker so I guess I’m doing some mistakes (changing exposition and temperature in some of the presets). Some comments about the collection:

- Many of the presets are quite extreme. It means that probably you will need to make a couple of steps back to adapt to your own photo.
- They are designed to provide consistency. The average mood is quite similar.
- Vignetting and Grain can be added using additional (included) presets.
- None of them require VSCO to be installed. They don’t need VSCO Camera Profiles